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K2 SHREDITOR 112 189

K2 SHREDITOR 112 189

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The K2 Shreditor 112 Skis are, with the perfect shape and size to make it a quiver-of-one in areas with big total snowfall numbers. The Shreditor 112 offers effortless flotation when conditions get deep and heavy. With taper in the tip and a healthy rocker in both tip and tail, this ski can help turn you from Clark BlueSquare into SuperPow HeroMan. Camber underfoot helps you rip the rest of the way back to the lift, even when it hasn't snowed in a while.

All-Terrain Rocker – Designed for all ability levels, All-Terrain Rocker adds versatility and ease in all snow conditions. This profile features an elevated tip and tail for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edgehold in firmer conditions.

Bi-Directional SidecutThe tip is only slightly wider than the tail. This allows the ski to perform exceptionally well while skiing forward while the taper enables the skier to enjoy stable and consistent switch riding.

Tapered Tip – Freeride skis come with a tapered tip design and lower profile to maximize tip predictability in softer snow conditions. Tips with this design have sifted the widest part of the contact further back to reduce tip weight and deflection in soft and variable snow conditions. 

Triaxial Braid – Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to enhance torsional rigidity and add control. Developed in 1988 by K2 engineers, the patented triaxial braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled wood core. This unique method produces skis with great torsional strength while maintaining the lively flex patterns inherent in wood.

TwinTech SidewallTwin Tip specific construction increases the durability of K2 sidewall skis. Traditional sidewall construction produces a 90 degree angle where the top material and sidewall meet. The TwinTech construction rolls the top material into the sidewall, reducing the topsheet angle and making the ski less prone to damage from your edges.

K2 Tip Grommets/Skin ClipThe new freeride tip grommet is a low profile, clean and simple design that no longer requires a plug. The durable rubber coating disguises a slit designed to accommodate the Z clip for skin attachments, or to build a rescue sled.



Tip Width (mm) 135

Waist Width (mm) 112

Tail Width (mm) 130